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Is advertising effective?

The answer is… at least sometimes!


I am in France for business this week. I attended last night the French Effie Award ceremony that crowns every year the most effective advertising campaigns in several categories.

One of my international clients won this much coveted award and needless to say, I am very proud to be an integral part of this success from New York.

I moved out of France quite a while ago which made it kind of eerie to bump into former colleagues who also attended the event. Congratulations again to Pierre D. and Philippe D. from Rapp Collins and to Francois B. from Eurodisney, if you read these lines!

Since today’s post is about Effies, I would like to share the link to their US case study database. Lots of amazing success stories there… They speak for themselves.

Another one of my favorite Effie story is from the UK and illustrates the work Wieden + Kennedy did for Honda. Truly interesting how they examine the impact (or lack thereof) of potential other factors

Talking of Honda… I cannot resist the temptation of including the 2002 Accord commercial nicknamed “Cog”. I’m not sure if the debate is settled on whether this was a painstakingly precise real life domino effect or whether it was just the result of some computer graphics wizardy.

Whatever – the resulting visual feast is what matters!