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EMI group moving from retail to media

Back in October, I wrote a post about how the music industry had lost control of the music distribution and retail game to Apple… and how it would probably have little choice but to evolve into a content business funded by advertising. Well, it looks like this transformation may happen at a much faster pace than anticipated.

Recently published numbers have shown the extent of the music industry crisis: record sales fell 15% in 2007 compared to 2006, and even the 45% growth in digital downloads does not seem to be enough to reverse the music industry’s retail fortunes.

Like many other companies, EMI Group was acquired last year by a private equity group and that usually translates rapidly into a dual effort to cut costs and increase revenues. In EMI’s case, what caught my attention are the plans to aggressively seek corporate sponsorship arrangements beyond youth / lifestyle brands like Pepsi and Coca-Cola.

From time.com: “Dreaming up new ways to make money is vital. One solution: teaming willing artists’ albums up with corporate sponsors, as EMI plans to do. That might have some artists turning in their grave — just imagine that, John Lennon — but with music arenas often branded these days, EMI is confident it can sell the idea to some of its talent. Coldplay’s next CD, brought to you by ExxonMobil, anyone?”

Full article here.


Culture Pub vs. Firebrand

The French week continues!


Pub stands for “la publicite”, the French word for advertising – rather than the more British “Public House”.

Culture Pub is a TV show about advertising that was broadcast weekly on French channel M6 for almost 20 years. This is actually an impressive amount of longevity for France (yet as a point of comparison, the soap opera General Hospital has apparently been showing in the US since 1963).

Culture Pub was taken off the air in 2005, but is now reborn as a web site which launched a couple of days ago: www.culturepub.fr. It is literally a Youtube for commercials with thousands of spots available – very much the same concept as Firebrand which coincidentally launched yesterday.

The jury is still out since Firebrand is in beta, but my preference right now goes to Culture Pub.

Compared to Firebrand, they seem to have more depth and editorial video content (albeit only in French). Hopefully they will realize the potential benefits of making English language transcripts or subtitles available to reach an international audience.

Is advertising effective?

The answer is… at least sometimes!


I am in France for business this week. I attended last night the French Effie Award ceremony that crowns every year the most effective advertising campaigns in several categories.

One of my international clients won this much coveted award and needless to say, I am very proud to be an integral part of this success from New York.

I moved out of France quite a while ago which made it kind of eerie to bump into former colleagues who also attended the event. Congratulations again to Pierre D. and Philippe D. from Rapp Collins and to Francois B. from Eurodisney, if you read these lines!

Since today’s post is about Effies, I would like to share the link to their US case study database. Lots of amazing success stories there… They speak for themselves.

Another one of my favorite Effie story is from the UK and illustrates the work Wieden + Kennedy did for Honda. Truly interesting how they examine the impact (or lack thereof) of potential other factors

Talking of Honda… I cannot resist the temptation of including the 2002 Accord commercial nicknamed “Cog”. I’m not sure if the debate is settled on whether this was a painstakingly precise real life domino effect or whether it was just the result of some computer graphics wizardy.

Whatever – the resulting visual feast is what matters!