About this blog

The expression Web 2.0 coined in 2004 by Tim O’Reilly became since then synonymous with a revival of Internet technology and business – looking at the valuation of Google or at the recent growth number of web start-ups. A true second coming!

  • Front-end technology allows for more complex interactions to make user experiences simpler and more seamless.
  • Development times and costs are reduced thanks to refined production tools and standardized ways to interconnect applications and content.
  • More people have access to the Internet with faster connections speeds, allowing content to be more pictures and video-based than text-based.
  • The critical mass of users willing to contribute information makes the network more valuable. The emblematic example of collaborative publishing is of course Wikipedia. Yet Wikipedia is the tree that hides the forest: Brand Intelligence estimates that more than 70% of all Internet content is now user-generated.

But in reality, the main change from the dot com boom times is that the Internet has moved from niche to mainstream. This is what this blog is about – a collection of observations and thoughts about how digital has become an integral part of how business and marketing is done today.

About the author


Philippe Guegan has worked for more than 10 years as an Internet marketing and business expert for companies belonging to large communications groups such as WPP, Interpublic and Omnicom. His experience over this period mixed business strategy, technology and creativity – playing the role of a business consultant or the role of a brand / communications planner depending on the context.

A variety of topics could be potentially covered in this blog – here are some examples.

  • business, technology and marketing innovation
  • consumer trends, market research, data analysis
  • creativity, design, advertising, brands, communication, digital experiences
  • word of mouth, social networks, online communities, virtual worlds

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