One last look at 2007, and a glimpse at 2008

Back on track! I have been unable to pay as much attention to this blog over the last month as I would have liked. Well – one more item to add to the 2008 resolutions list 🙂

Zeitgeist is the German word for “sign of the times” (the literal translation is in fact “spirit of the times”). Search engines remarkably capture what’s on people minds on any given day, and Google Zeitgeist was created to capture and share some of those trends.


They put together a fascinating summary of 2007 search trends, covering specific categories like news, show business, technology, etc.


It seems that from that perspective at least, 2007 will be remembered as the year of the iPhone.


Webkinz, the virtual world for kids, makes an interesting appearance on the second spot of the fastest rising US search terms. According to Quantcast, it is now one of the 300 most popular sites in the US, with a monthly audience of 4.3 million unique visitors.

What’s in store for the year ahead? Yahoo! Buzz is a similar service to Google Zeitgeist. They published today (January 1st) a list of all the searches that include the number 2008. Apparently much of the attention is on bank holidays!

Here is the list:

  1. 2008 Dodge Challenger
  2. Printable January 2008 Calendar
  3. 2008 World Junior Hockey Championship
  4. New Year 2008
  5. 2008 U.S. Holiday List Calendar
  6. 2008 Year of the Rat Predictions
  7. Super Bowl 2008 Date
  8. Presidents’ Day 2008
  9. 2008 Rose Parade
  10. Happy New Year 2008
  1. Free 2008 Online Calendar
  2. Mardi Gras 2008 Date
  3. Thanksgiving 2008
  4. New Year’s Eve 2008
  5. Martin Luther King Day 2008
  6. 2008 Ford Edge
  7. 2008 Dodge Charger
  8. Mother’s Day 2008
  9. Iowa Caucus 2008
  10. 2008 Sugar Bowl

Not direct mention of two 2008 events that are bound to capture worldwide media attention: the 2008 U.S. Presidential Election (11/4/2008) and the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games (8/8/2008). Interestingly 8 is considered a lucky number in China, and the opening date of the Olympics reads as 8/8/8 – obviously an intentional move in a culture where superstition is taken very seriously. “Year Of The Rat Predictions” is number 6 in the list after all!

Happy New Year to everyone!


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