Six years of Ipod 2001-2007

Came across this short photo gallery on the Guardian that shows how the iPod evolved over time. What will the iPod look like in 2013?


Mobile phones and MP3 players are probably the most fascinating examples of the pace of technological innovation. The pace may not be that different from that of Moore’s law, which was invariably demonstrated when the computing power of microprocessors doubled every 18 months or so. But just like what the advertising emphasized, it was “(Intel) inside”. Nowadays everyone makes sure that innovation is clearly visible on the outside.

Talking of the Guardian, they launched their US edition – Guardian America – at the end of October. A bold international expansion move at a time when most newspapers are either shrinking or reinventing themselves as multimedia content conglomerates (like the New York Times company).

It is still to early to see if this formal launch helped increase their US reach (currently around 2M monthly visits), but we should revisit this in a few months when audience data becomes available.


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