More Yous – new Sprint campaign

Just saw this new advertising campaign for Sprint on TV.

The market for smartphones has become much more competitive with the launch of the Apple iPhone on the AT&T Wireless network earlier this year, so competitors have to work harder to get noticed.

Sprint works with advertising agency Goodby Silverstein, who have quite a track record in technology products since they also work for HP and Adobe.

I liked the way they illustrated in the TV commercial that smartphones can demultiply your productivity and that made me quite curious to see how they would leverage this idea in the digital space. So I paid a visit to the site

Nice touch while I was waiting for the site content to download: my mouse cursor suddenly turns into 6 or 7 different cursors.

But after that, things became somewhat disappointing: the promotional site offers a very traditional and dry product picture (OK, you can look at it from all angles) – and a link to the main Sprint site. Granted, this is about selling products but nowadays, consumers react well to a little display of originality.


The only unexpected digital component is an online game that reminds me of Nintendo’s Brain Age, but feels somewhat out of sync (or should I say out of “ActiveSync”) with the idea of increased productivity.

This feels overall like a bit of a missed opportunity. There could have been some interesting ways to engage visitors around the idea of “what would happen if there were multiple yous”.

Maybe you just escaped an online remake of the movie “Multiplicity” with Michael Keaton!


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